How long does it take to gain twitter followers after making the profile

Twitter is an online social networking site where people can communicate through short messages called tweets. Twitter is easy to use as you join it with a free account and, a twitter name. Then you can tweet daily, hourly or as frequent as you want. There are 317 million monthly active users on twitter. Twitter is a greater way of gaining support. You might get discovered. These 317 million users and some other factors give you a great opportunity to gain twitter followers after making the profile. So, now we will look at ways on how to gain twitter followers.

Tweet with images

According, to a social analysis tweets with images, gets more users engagement compared to the tweets without images. People only remember the information in the tweets which is accompanied with images. If you will tweet with images, videos, GIFS and memes people will talk more about you. You have endless possibilities you should take advantage of them.

Use Trending Hashtags

Hashtags are your friends. Using hashtags with your tweets is the easiest way to gain more twitter followers. For example, if people will search for something with a hashtag they might find something of you and, will start following you. So, use the hashtags which are trending to gain more followers.

Tweet regularly

Tweet regularly but don’t overdo it. If someone will look at your Twitter account and you haven’t tweeted since a week ago. This way users will not be interested in following you. Don’t overdo it because this way you will take up more space on their feed. Only tweet three times a day to get the most engagement and gain more twitter followers.

Great timing is everything

The best time to tweet in the week is the weekend. Whole week people work. A lot of people use twitter more on weekends due to hectic routine in the weekdays. Users engage 14% more on weekends than usual. You will get maximum retweets at 5 pm. So timing is everything.

Try to get maximum retweets

Aim for the retweets. If you will tweet something very sympathetic like few words of advice, a creative inspiring quote or a funny feeling you came across. If the user liked your tweet they will retweet it on their timeline and so on. You can also announce a reward for your users for retweeting your tweets. Like a giveaway, meet or greet or Dm’s with your followers. Retweeting will help you gain more users on twitter.

Concise your following to follow ratio

Protect your account and make sure to keep your following to follow ratio concisely. Don’t follow too many people on twitter. Just follow your closed ones. If you will follow more people then your followers then your account might not look influential.

Avoid being negative or mean

Being negative or mean always gives a bad look to the followers. These people will not waste a follow on following you. Being  Aggressive or tweet with a lot of hatred will be a turn off for you on twitter. Stay honest and keep things right. Talking negatively will deter your followers.

By following the tips mentioned above you can gain a lot of twitter followers without doing many efforts. Just follow these simple tips.

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