How to detox and cleanse your body?

Our atmosphere is exposed to great number of different chemicals. These chemicals are indulged into our food supplies, breathing air and even in our cosmetics and things of daily use. These toxic chemicals are one of the reasons of our unhealthiness. So there is a dire need to detoxify and cleanse our body. A well designed detoxification plan can help.

Detoxification is all about giving rest to your mind and body, cleaning it from inside out and nourishing it. It is about removing the toxins and dangerous substances from the body. Impurities should be removed from the liver’s blood. Kidney, intestines, lungs and even skin also eliminates the toxic substances from the body. If these systems are not maintained properly then filtration process won’t work accurately and body will be affected unfavorably.

Detox helps you in many ways. It protects you from various diseases and helps you to renew your ability and strength so that you can maintain your body and health by doing different activities such as yoga, meditation etc. It is important to give rest to your organs through fasting and to improve the blood circulation. This can only be done by feeding your body with healthy nutrients.

People usually don’t know from where to start the detox. First and major step is to eliminate all those foods from your routine that have become the reason of detoxification process. This includes alcohol, smoking (cigarettes), too much amount of refined sugar and saturated fats. It is also important to eliminate toxins from the house hold stuff such as cleanser, cosmetics or deodorants. Inhaling toxins from such stuff is also harmful. It is better to substitute all this with natural things.

Another step is to get away from stress which also harms your health. Stress hormones stipulate the adrenaline which produce large amount of toxins and also slows down the process of liver’s enzyme which is responsible for detoxification. Yoga, meditation and giving rest to your mind and body helps you to get relief from stress.

Eating detox diet is the main thing. There are many diet plans which first recommend you to have a fast but to have a large amount of detox liquid. This includes drinking fresh juice of fruits and vegetables as well as plenty of water. There are many detox diets such as fruits and vegetable based detox diet, smoothie and sugar cleanse detox diet, juice cleanse.

After a detoxification process, next thing to do is cleansing your body with variety of healthy food and activities. Some of them are:

  1. Plenty of fibre must be consumed such as brown rice, brown bread, fresh fruits and vegetables. Cabbage broccoli and seaweed are great detoxifying foods.
  2. Drink plenty of water of at least two quarts. Water bottle should always be with you no matter where you are.
  3. Milk, green tea and dandelion should be a habit as it protects as well as cleanse the body.
  4. Sweat your body so that waste can be eliminated from your body through perspiration.

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