The complete guide of pre op diet for lap band

The changes in diet are necessary when it comes to going for lap band surgery. Your surgeon will guide you about pre-op diet for lap band that will prepare your body for a surgical procedure and helps to increase the chances of successful surgery. This pre-op focus on the reduction of unhealthy foods such as sugary food, fatty foods, and high-calorie foods and enhance the healthy intake. Here, we will discuss some important points that will help you to guide when you are expected to make some changes in your diet before surgery.

The purpose of a pre-op diet:

The purpose of the pre-op diet is as follows:

  • The pre-op diet helps to reduce the extra fat around the liver, spleen, and abdomen that leads to making the surgical process safe and easy.
  • This diet helps to shrink the liver size that improves the surgical outcomes.
  • Moreover, it also reduces the surgical bleeding due to the reduction of fats.
  • It protects the muscle tissues because it optimizes the protein consumption.

Pre-Op Diet Guidelines

This diet allows you to consume70-120 grams of protein in a day while you can only take 800 to 1200 calories in a day. Here is a complete guideline that will give you complete information about the pre-op diet for lap band.

Foods to Include:

You can take only two types of food when you are following the pre-op diet i.e. high protein and low fat & low carbohydrate foods. The protein foods are lean meat, eggs, seafood, fruits, fresh vegetables without sugar, dairy products (low fat). The diet meal routine for breakfast is eggs, yogurt, oatmeal or fruit. You may take protein drink for lunch and for dinner it is advised that to take a cut of lean meat or seafood and vegetables.

Foods to Avoid

Your doctor may restrict you some foods from your diet to boost the nutritional health, optimize the levels of energy that ultimately shrink the size of the liver. You must avoid sugary food like donuts, cakes, candy, pies and cookies and high carbohydrate snakes like potato chips, and crackers. Moreover, avoid the high carbohydrate foods and fats such as butter, bread, fried food, pasta, fatty meat, potatoes, dairy products, and rice. The high-calorie beverages are also included in the list of foods to avoid such as energy drinks, alcoholic beverages, soda, and sweetened drinks. You may experience a headache and fatigue when you cut these foods from your daily diets such as bread and sugary foods but these symptoms last for a few days.

Protein Supplements

A protein supplement is a must-have ingredient of the pre-op diet that may include protein shake and protein powder. These protein supplements helps to reduce the fats around your liver, increase the chances of speedy recovery, and boost the process of weight loss. You can take thus protein supplement with fruit juice, low-fat milk and yogurt (fat-free)


We hope this guideline for pre-op diet for lap band will help you in a great way before and after surgery.

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